Starting my journey – reducing toxicity

When we are looking out at the world we see through a unique perspective. In that case, all things should be considered filtered in some way. That’s why it’s a pretty ridiculous concept that body image and the concept of physical beauty isn’t considered to be a matter of personal perception but rather trying to conform to beauty ideals is like asking someone to take a photo using their lenses and filters with your own camera that has a different set of lenses and filters on it.

I am currently on a journey to protect my own body by removing toxins from places that have fairly simple and exciting alternatives available for them, such as replacing my expensive face cream with argan and rose hip oil. I’ve recently been noticing that at some point humanity has devolved from a natural environment and natural hazards (i.e. weather, animals, etc.) to a society in which toxic chemicals are pumped into our bodies from everywhere we turn, such as through our skin, our hair, the food we eat and the continued proximity to computers, electricity and pollution. Even the proximity of such a cultural melting pot of people in most capital cities introduces new and different bacteria and bug strains which in turn lends itself to the rise of the ‘superbug’ and antibiotic resistance.

The last hundred years the world has changed more and faster in terms of population (largely due to advances in medicine) than in the preceding millennia. It is not difficult to reconcile the rise of the hyper-city with the toxicity that accompanies many in the Western world. It is exactly due to this acknowledgement and recognition that I am trying to reduce my own toxic load.


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