Hi everyone,

Let me introduce myself (in an anonymous internet type of way of course). I am starting this blog as a sort of diary to chronicle my my ups and and downs as a 33 year old, professional, married, woman trying to do the best that I can. I am a self-confessed scaredy cat of the highest degree, so after much good natured ribbing from pretty much everyone I know I have decided to designate this week as the first “face your fears” week of 2016 !

Fear number one being tackled- writing down honest thoughts and feelings on a   public forum where someone else might gain an insight into my slightly crazy,  slightly obsessive, definitely scared point of view of the world. I will be talking about fashion as I am a bit (read a lot) enthusiastic about clothes, fabrics, shoes… (Hmm, still on the fence with this one, is 150 pairs of shoes too many?). I will also be talking about my experiences with IVF as I  am soon to start my sixth cycle, having had five failed cycles in the last two years. This also brings me to one of the other major subjects I will be talking about, and that is on my journey to better health, weight loss, and toxin reduction in everyday life, including in food, makeup, body lotions etc. as I prepare my body for what is probably our final chance at a pregnancy.

On a lighter note I will also be covering books as I read them as they are my greatest love after my family and friends. I have been collecting young adult and children’s books since I was a teenager and I now currently have nearly three thousand so I am always thrilled to make recommendations. Hopefully I will one day have a child of my own to read them with but at the moment I am happy to share my passion with others.

So, that’s a bit about me very briefly, I’m looking forward to sharing any journey with you!


gossamer bold


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